The Urban Beet Weekly is the creation of this dude named John Moody. John is a long-winded comedic writer and performer. He develops bouts of writer’s block whenever it’s time to put something together like a bio. Since you’re only interested in the things that are well known, we will list a few. Moody has worked as a performer/writer for National Lampoon. He has performed stand up and sketch comedy across the country. Moody also voiced characters on It’s Your World, a radio soap featured on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Moody got his big break working on a T.V. show with Wayne Brady and Howie Mandell. Networks didn’t pick it up and you never heard of it but Moody wanted you to know that he worked with Wayne Brady and Howie Mandel. John has also written and produced comedy shorts, winning a Special Mention Award in the Golden Shorts Festival.

The Urban Beet Weekly is inspired by online publications like “The Onion” and “Very Smart Brothas,”. This is John’s opportunity to deliver smart, (he hopes) urban (suburban and rural folks can read it too) comedy without having to beg highly respected publications for a job.