Haters Outraged After NBA Announces Asterisk Will Not Be Placed On Trophy Or Rings

Since the beginning of the NBA bubble, some fans have said there will be an asterisk placed on this year’s championship. Apparently, the NBA isn’t run by disgruntled fans. A league spokesperson said no such thing will happen. “Where are we supposed to put the asterisk?” asked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “We didn’t put teams through all of this just to say ‘It doesn’t really count.’ That would be stupid.

NBA super fan and LeBron hater Tim ” T-Dawg” Johnson is furious. “Naw, it don’t count! It don’t count! I been watching hoop since the 70’s. They ain’t never done nothing soft like this. How come they didn’t do this when there was an outbreak of the chicken pox in the early 90’s? Cuz Jordan wasn’t havin’ it!” Johnson said the he is putting an asterisk on the championship. “As far as I’m concerned, there is an asterisk. LeBron still only got three rings. The only reason he got Finals MVP is because compared to Danny Green, he looks like a superstar. I’m puttin’ a asterisk on this championship.” The Urban Beet spoke to LeBron James and when told that Tim Johnson was putting an asterisk on the championship LeBron quizzically responded “Who?” then continued celebrating his accomplishment.

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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