Houston Rockets Decide Not To Distract From Mother’s Day With A Game 7

During a late timeout in Game 6 of the Western Conference Simi-Finals The Houston Rockets huddled up and made a decision.

“Guys, if we win, we go to Golden State on Sunday to play the Warriors. We won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with our mother’s and a lot of our fans will watch the game and not take their moms out.” said Rockets star James Harden. The team collectively decided to do what was right for mother’s everywhere. They decided to lose the game resulting in them being knocked out of the playoffs. During a post game interview, Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said

“That’s a group of selfless guys in that locker room. I’m proud of them. They could have won and kept their hopes alive for a championship. Something they’ve wanted their entire lives but they know what’s really important.”

The Golden State Warriors also acknowledged the Rockets sacrifice. “I’m really thankful for those guys” said Warriors standout Steph Curry.

“I will be able to spend the entire Mother’s Day with my family and something tells me that my wife could use some extra attention. If we win the championship again this year, The Rockets should get some of the credit for gracefully bowing out.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said their ability to not execute down the stretch was incredible.

“Their fans won’t be distracted with basketball on Mother’s Day. There will be other games, but this would’ve been huge. Everyone owes the Rockets a round of applause for not forcing a game 7 on Mother’s Day.”

Several mother’s of the Houston Rockets said they don’t want to see their son’s on Mother’s Day.

“That shit was embarrassing and nobody wants to have to spend their Mother’s Day feeling sorry for a bunch of losers.”

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