Taxi Company Offers “Old School” Musty-Crusty Cab Drivers For People Sick Of Upbeat Uber And Lyft Drivers

Baltimore, MD-The FU2 Cab Company is trying something new to survive in the increasingly difficult livery service industry. Company President Laura Barnes says they offer old school cab drivers who will barley acknowledge the passengers in the car. “We will have signs posted telling customers not to ask our drivers ‘How long they’ve been doing this?’. This is not Uber or Lyft. We’re looking for customers who don’t want that experience. Our drivers are cab drivers point blank. They’re not going to tell you about their screenplay or where they’re reading poetry. They’re not going to try to sell you incense or nutritional supplements. Our drivers take cash only, expect a tip and don’t give a damn what kind of music you want to hear. Their cars aren’t clean, they really don’t want to talk to you and no, you can’t charge your phone because they’re probably going to lie and tell you the charger port doesn’t work.”

Erin Paystop, a recent passenger said she loves the company. ” I got in the car and didn’t say a word and the driver didn’t care. He wouldn’t turn his music down and he smelled like Axe body deodorant and funk. I didn’t mind paying $40 for the ride, I just wanted to get the hell out of that cab and when I did, I felt so happy.” Barnes said that’s what’s so appealing about her company “Uber and Lyft have nice drivers who engage in nice conversations. Sometimes, the passenger doesn’t want the ride to end. With our drivers, customers are happy when the ride is over. The amount of joy they experience once they get out of the car is addictive”

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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