Avengers Endgame Spoiler: Batman Did Bbsolutely Nothing To Help

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With the universe already robbed of half of all living beings and even more being threatened, Batman sat on his ass and allowed others to do the fighting. The motley crew of misfits consisted of:

A. Another wealthy bachelor.

B. An old WWII Soldier

C. A scientist with a serious Bi-polar disorder

D. A guy with a Christ complex

E. A Russian spy turned traitor.

F. A guy who uses the same weapon as Robin Hood.

G. A rodent with Kleptomania

the fate of the universe. A rodent with kleptomania even found the gumption to get into the fray. Fans expressed their disappointment at the caped crusader going MIA

“I can’t believe he didn’t show up! He’s there for lightweights like The Joker and Bane but when Thanos shows up he’s hiding in the Bat Cave!”

Batman apologists claim the Dark Knight may have been among those that ceased to exist when Thanos gave one snap up and said “Bye Felicia” to half of the universe. Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson dispelled that theory. “

Given the fact the Thanos’ Incident was totally random, it’s mathematically unlikely that Batman, Alfred and Robin had all ceased to exist. At least one of them should have shown up to help. This increases the possibility that Batman is indeed a punk-ass and was hiding out at Wayne Manor or The Bat Cave.”

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