Lebron James Haters Scramble To Find Someone Else To Hate On In 2019 Playoffs

For the first time in 14 years, LeBron James is not playing in the NBA Playoffs. It has left his detractors without someone to criticize. Long time LeBron hater Durell Tysson said: “At first I was happy that he wasn’t in the Playoffs. It proves my point that he ain’t really that good but now that he’s not in it…It’s not as much fun. I don’t have anybody to root against.”

Chester Ferguson, president of the Non LeBrons, an anti-fan club says he has trouble watching. “It’s not the same. If Steph, Harden or Kyrie miss a shot, it’s just a guy who missed a shot. When it’s LeBron, I get to say ‘Michael Jordan wouln’t have missed that shot’. If Durant hits an open man with a pass, it’s a good play. When LeBron does it, I get to say he doesn’t have a killer instinct or that he needed somebody to bail him out. I haven’t been able to say that because he’s not in the Playoffs. I’m not as happy”.

The members of the Non-LeBrons have been trying to find someone else to hate. “It’s not easy because no one else has done as much as he has…even though I think everybody is better than him…he’s just lucky.” said Thompson. “I’m looking at the Greek Freak, if he keeps it up and wins a couple of championships, Imma start hating him too. He’s going to have to do a lot more to earn my hate. For now, I just have to be satisfied with knowing that LeBron is miserable and that makes me happy. He has to sit in his multi million dollar home doing nothing. My brother-in-law is a LeBron fan and I get to tease him everyday because I’m sleeping on his couch. Everyday I tell him that LeBron is a loser and that he’s too a loser for rooting for him.”

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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