Street Lights Broken For Days: Children Say They Don’t Have To Go Home Until The Street Lights Come On

Lackawana, N.Y.- The street lights in Lackawana didn’t come on Tuesday evening and many children are still outside playing. Parents have been calling the city to fix the situation. Sandra Mayfield, who hasn’t seen her nine year old daughter in two days hopes the lights come on soon. “I know she’s taking advantage but the rule is she doesn’t have to be in until the street lights come on. Rules are rules so I can’t be mad at her.”

Seventeen year old Caren Chin says she hopes the lights stay off for two more nights. “I’m too old to have to be in the house when the street lights come on but I will be 18 and grown in a couple of days so I might not ever have to go back.” Police Commissioner Arthur Eve says there is nothing the police can do. “Ever since the invention of street lights the law says kids don’t have to be in until they come on. I just hope they can fix the lights soon.

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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