Rams Fans Miserable Despite Game Having No Real Impact On Their Lives

Los Angeles, CA.- After a long excruciating loss to The New England Patriots, Thousands of Rams fans are devastated despite the fact the results of the game had no affect on their day to day lives. “My life sucks right now!” said Rams fan Jesse Nash who paid $20,000.00 for two tickets on the 50 yard line. “I won’t even be able to enjoy the private jet I charted to go back to L.A.. It’s crazy how life can deal you these blows and everyone else thinks you’re just supposed to take it in stride. ”

Susan Banks who threw a Super Bowl was also down. “I’m going to need therapy. I threw a big party for my co-workers and neighbors. We had food and drinks for everyone. Football themed plates and deserts. Now we have to go back to our jobs tomorrow with that on our brains… I need something to work out for me in life.” Players who actually lost the game have been asked to call and console as many fans as possible.

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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