Steph Curry Thinks The Moon Landing Was Fake But Believes If He Steps On The Crack, He’ll Break His Mama’s Back


Oakland, CA.- Steph Curry, point Guard for the Golden State Warriors and two time league MVP says he does not believe the moon landing was real. Despite convincing evidence that the moon landing indeed happened, Curry doubts that it did while holding on to superstitions, beliefs and utter nonsense that have no evidence.

When walking with another individual, he will not split the pole. Asked if he really believes something bad will happen Curry stated. “When we were in high school, my boy Datrell split the pole while we were walking down the street. Later on that day his grandfather had a heart attack. What more proof do you need?”

Curry was asked if the grandfather was obese. “That had nothing to do with it. He was fat all his life and nothing happened until Dontrell split the pole. His grandfather was overweight, smoked cigarettes and drank whiskey everyday then he just ups and has a heart attack? You can’t tell me nothin about splittin’ the pole. I also make extra sure that I don’t step on no cracks on the ground. I’d never forgive myself for breaking my mother’s back and I definitely don’t mess around on Friday the 13th. You gotta be smart “.

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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