Floyd Mayweather To Open Jewelry Store For Disadvantaged Youth

Las Vegas, Nevada- Floyd Mayweather is not one to be outdone by LeBron James. The former boxing champion is opening a jewelry store for disadvantaged youth. The store will open in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The champ made the announcement via Twitter saying:

â??Bron ainâ??t really helping those kids if they walkinâ?? around and they ainâ??t lased(sic). Iâ??m making sure they can hold their heads up high.â?

The store will be named “I Playa” and will sell designer school uniforms as well.  Bills over fifty and high interest credit cards will be the only form of acceptable payment for purchases.  “I Playa” will also exchange school books for jewelry.

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John Moody

Author: John Moody

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